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Personalise your training

Our online courses help you learn how to build the perfect training programme to suit your personal needs.

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Follow the expert coaching guidance in our courses for more consistent training, avoiding common mistakes.

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Outstanding online resources to help you run strongly, get the most from your training, and run your best race.

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Get your free guide "7 Common Mistakes"...


Get your free training guide "7 Common Marathon Mistakes & How to Avoid Them"...

Marathon Training

Find the best fit for your needs among our different online courses. We'll then show you how to personalise your training to fit your own needs.

Whether you're a beginner or aiming for a PB, our resources will help you to:

  • Get to the start line in great shape.
  • Feel confident and ready for your race.
  • Reduce your injury risk. 
  • Hit your marathon target successfully!
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"Smashed my last marathon! Can't believe what a difference the advice on strength exercises made to my running."

Chris S.

"Sarah's advice on how to fit my training around busy work and family made all the difference to getting my PB. Very happy!"

Jo H.

"This approach to personalising my training has helped me stay on track and consistent, and run faster times."


Half Marathon Training


We have excellent resources created by our expert coaches, to help you hit your half marathon goal successfully.

Courses coming soon. Click here to make sure you are kept up-to-date...

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